Head Lice A Unani Treatment

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The most effective way to get rid of head lice is with a nit comb, a good light, and a magnifying glass. This is especially true for children under two-years-old, who may have adverse reactions to head lice shampoo and other chemical head lice cures.
Nit combs are available in both plastic and steel and may be purchased from a pharmacy (or often less expensively from a pet supply department). Nit combs for both animals and people are very similar in style and equally effective. Comb through the hair daily for about two weeks, being sure to come into contact with the scalp. This helps ensure that you remove all nymphs and nits as well as adults.
Electronic louse combs are often less effective than the traditional nit comb. Their teeth may not reach the scalp and therefore may not remove viable eggs.
While there are multiple home remedies for head lice, none has been scientifically proven. Frequently the second line of attack is to purchase an over-the-counter head lice shampoo. However, these shampoos contain toxic chemicals. Follow package directions to the letter. In most cases, even over-the-counter head lice curse are best purchased and used only on the advice of a professional health care provider. In a severe case, your doctor may prescribe a stronger head lice cure.
Head lice may be found on eyelashes or eyebrows. These lice should be mechanically removed (plucked) with great care. Don't use chemicals near the eyes!
Although head lice only live a day or two after they fall off their host, headwear, combs, brushes, bed linen, and pajamas should be thoroughly cleaned. Items that aren't washable should be either dry-cleaned or vacuumed.
Head Lice Prevention
Teach children to avoid activities that are likely to spread lice.
Avoid head-to-head contact during play.
Don't share headwear whether it's a hat, helmet, or hair ribbon.
Don't share combs, brushes or towels.

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Head Lice A Unani Treatment

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This article was published on 2010/09/08